Orwellia Goal #1: Raise $40 and print a UCD themed sticker

Orwellia has never sold any stickers before.  But that all changed yesterday, when someone from the internet bought 3 Building 7 Silence stickers from our store on eBay.  We are now officially in business.  As you know, the business of Orwellia is making more stickers, thus our first goal is now:

Raise $40 and print a UCD themed sticker

Obviously a goal with two parts.  First the financial.  Time for a sale.  To achieve our goal of making more stickers, we must sell more stickers.  It seems simpliest to try and sell more stickers to less people first, rather than trying to sell one sticker to everyone in the world.  Therefore, we will increse demand for multipacks with a large sale, while informing them that the proceeds go to our UCD Sticker Fund.  (which will be used to print a UCD sticker chosen from a comment based contest which will be held right here on orwellia.com)

Part 1 - Sale - Part 2 - Sticker contest.  Happening now.  Submit your entries to the comments and if they are worthy they will be posted here on orwellia.com, which is also where I will place my submissions.  If people buy stickers, but no one votes, I will choose a winner and print stickers.  Because the goal of the Orwellia Sticker Company is to print stickers.

UPDATE: Time Limit.  Our goal is to have this done by Thanksgiving.  Order to the printer and everything.  Time to rock and roll!