5 Sticker Pack - Building7 Silence Illuminati Fight - $4.99 + FREE SHIPPING!

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Orwellia 5 Sticker Pack -- Now available only in bitcoin -- ($5.00 ~= ฿0.03820)

Orwellia 5 Sticker Pack - Building7 Silence Illuminati Fight - Support OWS Occupy! ($5.00 ~= ฿0.03820)

5x -- 3 1/4" x 3 1/4" (square) vinyl stickers (professionally printed by stickernation.com

Good for indoor or outdoor use! Great for telephone polls, metal signs, binders, bumper stickers, notebooks, laptop computers, desktop computers, file cabinets, subway walls, they stick everywhere!
These stickers are a unique design from the original run of 100 being sold by directly by the artist. The next run will probably include the brand "orwellia.com" somewhere in the design, so this is your last chance to get your hands on stickers without branding. These stickers are being sold as part of Orwellia's Occupy UCD Sticker Sale. We are attempting to sell all of our current stickers to print a UCD Occupy themed sticker. (We will also use the money to reprint our current stickers). Every sticker we have has been included in this sale!
"'Images that are in public space that aren't advertising reawaken a sense of wonder." - Shepard Fairey
Thank you for supporting the work of the Orwellia Sticker Company

our goal is to print more stickers
-- we only accept bitcoins --

Orwellia is switching to Bitcoin

Been selling stickers on ebay for a while now
not a big deal
just a side deal
try to get some of my art out there
support the causes I support.

Well, recently I tried to sell some bitcoin on ebay
it didn’t go well
Paypal didn’t offer 2-factor security
so when I thought I was sending a small piece of bitcoin
to a paypal user
it turned out to be a hacker
then Paypal froze my funds
converted my account to a money changer
and then asked for more information
about my non-existant money changing business.

Ebay on the other hand has been demanding that I upload pictures
of my stickers in higher resolution making the designs easy for
anyone with photoshop to download and reprint on their own
the higher resolution I provide
the higher resolution copy they get to make.

So all in all, ebay is just not rubbing me well
that’s why the Orwellia Sticker Company
is converting
from Paypal to Bitcoin

and we're even list a few sticker packs on BitMit
to see what happens

More info to come in the future.

Fow, let's time this transformation --- 10:25 AM -- 11:05 AM (30 minutes to bitcoin!)

I used Coinbase to setup a merchant button, then learned I could just use the link to the merchant page!  Used the merchant page link to convert all my links, closed my ebay listings, and boom!  Orwellia Sticker Company now accepts only bitcoin.   Next up: Learning Bitmit and maybe selling some of my stuff on there as an alternative to eBay.

5 Sticker Pack - Building7 Silence Illuminati Fight - Support OWS Occupy!

There are only 33 available.  Will you get one?

The market has spoken.

Another 5 pack has rolled out the door, raising the Orwellia Sticker Company total to a massive 18, on the threshold of breaking the mighty and once unthinkable 20.

The Orwellia Sticker Company will imedeately retool all of it's sticker packs to the new normal of 5 Sticker Packs for all.  There will be no more massive packs.  5 Stickers for me.  5 Stickers for you.  5 Stickers for everybody!  On to our goal of selling out all of our current stickers (thus raising the capital to print more!)  Hooray for Stickers!